Two High-Ranking PLP Members Given Go-Ahead Before January 28 Poll to Operate Gaming Houses

SPEAKTHETRUTH_242While Prime Minister Perry Christie has led a drawn out process of providing the Bahamian people with the question(s) for the January 28 opinion poll on gaming in The Bahamas, his government has wasted no time in already giving the go-ahead to two high-ranking members of the governing Party to set up gaming houses in the country.

The two high-ranking members of the PLP have already purchased and shipped in the gaming equipment and apparatus for their gambling operations and those gaming machines and apparatus are currently on the dock in New Providence. The two high-ranking members have also begun securing locations on the island for the gaming houses that they will be licenced to operate.

Whether the current numbers men in the country know that they will be in competition with two high-ranking members of the governing Party if their current numbers houses become able to secure licences is unknown.

But what is known is that regardless of what the Bahamian people decide on January 28, the government has decided it does not care what the Bahamian people decide, and has already agreed to provide a gaming licence to their two high-ranking members, and has allowed the two high-ranking members to bring in their gaming equipment ahead of a change in the gaming laws of The Bahamas. This means that the importation of this equipment is currently illegal.

The fact that the two insiders have already purchased and brought in their equipment, as well as shopped out locations means they already know they will be licenced. What “criteria” did they meet to be given that go-ahead when gambling by Bahamians is still illegal in The Bahamas?

Therefore this entire referendum process and the supposed “regulations” that would follow if the Bahamian people vote “yes” is, as has been repeatedly pointed out, a complete sham being perpetrated on the country, and on those persons currently in the numbers business who allegedly claim they have already been given certain guarantees about a licence in alleged exchange for certain inducements.