The Story Has Holes – Living “Platinum” at Our Expense at NIB

platinumCCI cannot say the media missed the point I am about to raise because I don’t know that it was a point they were looking for to begin with – but remember when the story of this NIB-issued corporate platinum credit card was being talked about and the media said Minister for NIB Shane Gibson allegedly did not know NIB Chairman Greg Moss even had the card in the first place? 

Well here we now have the Prime Minister telling us the reason Mr. Moss was given the credit card (Read Nassau Guardian Story Here). So then, when did the Prime Minister find all of this out? And just as importantly, how is he justifying this to the media as he has done in this newspaper story, when such an issuance has never been done before to previous chairmen of the Board of NIB?

A key reason a board member need/ought not be given such a thing is statutory board members in The Bahamas do not work at the corporation they are a board member of and they are not responsible for the day to day operations of that corporation. Therefore, if you are not an employee and you do not even work from the place your board belongs to, what do you need a credit card from that place for? When the Prime Minister said the Director had one so the thinking was to give the Chairman one too he was being tricky, because he knows the difference between both posts, but he also knows the general public does not know the difference for the most part – so if they hear his statement, it can sound reasonable to them. Plus he knows the media for the most part will essentially let you tell them that the sky is pink and won’t hold you accountable for saying so – hence his saying what he said in the newspaper story above.

As for how much the Prime Minister knows about what is happening at NIB – don’t forget now. This is the same Prime Minister who when first questioned by the media about the mess at NIB said he had only found out about it on the day the media questioned him – only for him to turn around and say to the media that he actually knew about the issues long before he told them he knew about them – which means he initially did not speak the truth to the media on how long he knew about the goings on at NIB under his newly appointed board Chairman.

If that trend follows, then an obviously logical question among many would be this – if the Prime Minister knew about this credit card, how likely is it that the Minister responsible for NIB Shane Gibson allegedly did not know, as the media claimed?

And since we now know there was cabinet knowledge of the card, why has it reportedly only now been taken away from Mr. Moss? Can we safely assume that had information on Mr. Moss’ reported spending with the card not made it into the public domain, he would still be allegedly living platinum large at our expense?