Beyond Fed Up With The Substandard Service From Cable Bahamas And BTC


Diary of An Angry Bahamian Customer (Me!!)

CABLE BAHAMAS – I am sick and tired of your poor residential cable internet service in my area. If I wanted to sit forever waiting for a page to load, I would have stuck to dial up – that’s of course when the internet is even up to begin with. It is not acceptable to keep giving paying customers the same lame excuse or no excuse at all for this poor service. And can you please change that automated voice answering system recording for your company that says “Welcome to Cable Bahamas, your choice for cable tv services…..” You aren’t my choice – I currently don’t have a choice, yall are the only game in town for Cable TV right now, remember?

BTC – I am sick and tired of being told every month that the service will get better next month. When I pay for data, I actually expect to be able to get full use of it whenever I want to. As for dropped calls, that aspect is getting a bit better for me, but overall if going back to two Styrofoam cups and a string is what we are going to need to talk to each other in The Bahamas, please give me a heads up so I can put my deluxe cups and heavy-duty string on order.

And please, no goons on my page talking about foreigners owning a majority stake in BTC. Cable Bahamas is 100% Bahamian owned and I am still watching people on my screen frozen in time because the channels they are on are frozen, and I’m still clicking refresh a thousand times just to try to post this blog entry. And how many times does Cable Bahamas want me to unplug my modem and plug it back in? Give us powerless modems then.

So whether your passport has a coat of arms on it or not, the service is not cutting it, and oh when we do get more choices, please believe I will be one of the first to actively seek out my options.

I will pray before clicking “post” in the hopes this will go through. #sukallmyteet