Why Did The Attorney General Have a Gun Case Against Her Former Clients Dismissed By The Courts?


In a December 24 Tribune story, two persons on a gun charge who used to be clients of the now Attorney General when she was in Opposition, have since had their case dismissed by order of the Attorney General. As you would have seen in the December 24 Tribune story linked above, the circumstances under which this case was ordered dismissed raised questions. Follow-Up Story: AG’s Office Has Gun Case Dismissed

We have not been told why the AG’s office ordered a case against the AG’s former clients dropped, but a December 31 Nassau Guardian story on the case says the following:

Police carried out a search warrant on the couple’s home on February 3, 2010. According to the evidence, Mr. Hayes showed the officers where the .380 pistol and 19 rounds of ammunition for the gun were hidden in a bureau drawer.

These persons used to be the Attorney General’s clients. Now their case has come up and the woman who was their lawyer has now discontinued the proceedings against the accused, her former clients. If the reason(s) is legitimate fine – BUT WHAT IS THE REASON(S)?

Minister Jerome Fitzgerald, who is reported to have signed the dismissal order on behalf of AG Allyson Maynard Gibson has since reportedly said in response to these queries that the matter is one of national security and that he therefore has no further comment. The problem with his statement though, is that if this case was deemed a national security issue, is Mr. Fitzgerald then saying this case made it all the way to the Cabinet for consideration, since national security issues are dealt with at the Cabinet level? If so, why would a case like this be considered a matter of national security?

So the question still remains in the minds of the public – WHAT IS THE AG’s REASON FOR DROPPING THE CASE? THIS QUESTION IS NO SMALL MATTER – because if the integrity of the courts and the AG’s office has to fall into question by the public, then the upholding and protection of the freedoms, civil and constitutional rights of each and every one of us in The Bahamas as a whole falls into doubt.

And just as an aside, State Minister Damian Gomez is the Minister of State in the AG’s Office. Why was Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald appointed Acting AG in Allyson Maynard Gibson’s stead and not the Minister of State?