Why You Mad…

INVESTIGATERegarding Baha Mar, in US Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, there is what is called a “discovery” process. This process is basically a disclosure and examination of all the matters that have led up to the financial position the debtor (in this case, Izmirlian) is in which led to the bankruptcy protection filing. This means all cards and evidence are supposed to be put before the Court and full accountability is supposed to take place about all that has taken place. And so you wonder why the government is mad about a filing that would involve a discovery process in US Courts? Could it be that there are things THEY DON’T WANT TO BE DISCOVERED?

Baha Mar Workers…

balanceYou already know what my message to you is. Today’s ruling was not unexpected at all, and I will limit my commentary on that specific issue there for now. In the meantime, don’t become dismayed by the gross and shameless media bias and ignorance in this matter, or by the government’s propaganda or by the widespread political games being played in our country at the nation’s expense. All of us with eyes and a working mind are seeing who is who and what is what. All is not lost and it’s not over yet. ‪#‎RidingForYou‬ Continue reading

BAHAMAS BETRAYED – Gov’t Now Confirms What Many Of Us Have Already Figured Out About Its Intentions For Baha Mar

Flag of The BahamasTHE GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS HAS SIDED WITH CHINESE PRINCIPALS AND FILED A COURT PETITION TO LIQUIDATE BAHA MAR SO AS TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE PROJECT’S DEVELOPER SARKIS IZMIRLIAN – that is what the Prime Minister announced tonight. This means the government is asking the Court to bring Baha Mar as it exists today to an end (liquidation). The Prime Minister announced that China ExIm wanted Izmirlian to drop his court cases against them that allege sabotage, shoddy work and unjust accounting practices and that ChinaExIm did not want to agree for more time to negotiate with Izmirlian, the project’s developer. He also announced that China ExIm wanted Izmirlian to drop his Chapter 11 protection filing in the US (even though it did not oppose the filing in US Court as was its first right to do). Mr. Christie announced that the government agrees with and hence has sided with what China ExIm wants, and as such, the government has filed a motion in our Supreme Court to put the project into mandatory liquidation. WHAT THIS MEANS IS THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS, NOT SARKIS IZMIRLIAN, HAS TAKEN ACTION IN COURT TO KILL WHAT WE NOW KNOW AS BAHA MAR. Baha Mar’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection filing was to keep the company in existence while the company tries to re-organize. The government has now moved to bring the company as it exists to an end – THAT IS WHAT LIQUIDATION MEANS. Continue reading

What Is Our Attorney General Doing Acting For China ExIm Bank’s Interests In Bahamian Court?

balanceThe Attorney General’s role under the Constitution is to act on behalf of the Bahamian people. The Prime Minister announced tonight that the AG has filed a motion in our Supreme Court to put Baha Mar into mandatory liquidation stemming from specific desires expressed by China ExIm Bank in its dispute with Baha Mar’s developer. This means the AG has asked the Court to bring Baha Mar, as it currently exists, to an end (liquidation). But here is the major problem – in mandatory liquidation petitions, it is normally the company itself or the company’s creditors (the people a company owes) who make such a petition to the Court. BAHA MAR HAS NOT FILED TO LIQUIDATE ITS COMPANY. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BAHAMAS IS NOT A BAHA MAR CREDITOR OR EQUITY STAKEHOLDER, NOR DID THE PM SAY THE AG WAS FILING ON BEHALF OF ANY BAHAMIAN CREDITORS. Why is the country’s AG, who is supposed to be acting for BAHAMIANS, filing a motion that is supposed to be filed by ChinaExIm Bank, the agency that is the lender for the Baha Mar project? So is the AG of The Bahamas now a de facto agent for a Chinese agency – an agency whose construction company is currently being sued by Baha Mar’s developers for alleged project sabotage and alleged unjust accounting practices in The Bahamas? It is not Sharon T who announced to the nation that our AG, acting due to the interests of a foreign creditor, has asked our Supreme Court to bring a company in The Bahamas to an end (liquidation) – THE PRIME MINISTER MADE THAT ANNOUNCEMENT. Baha Mar has not declared itself to be finished – the government, through its petition the PM’s says stems from a foreign agency’s interests – is seeking to have Baha Mar as it exists today, finished (liquidated).

This Foreigner vs That Foreigner, And Politics

golden-keyThese last almost two weeks of the Baha Mar saga have indeed displayed very many things about the way we see ourselves and the way we see others. We as Bahamians tend to have very curious and in many ways hypocritical positions about foreign nationals. We embrace some nationalities (and ethnic groups) while we despise others and in the case of Baha Mar, Sarkis Izmirlian as a foreign permanent resident – who ironically applied for Bahamian citizenship – was seemingly God’s gift to politicians banking on his development and his hundreds of millions in investment to give them keys and bragging rights to a sought-after political victory at the polls. The governing Party had even begun bragging about how it wanted to christen Baha Mar of sorts by being the first Party to hold its national convention there. Continue reading


Flag of The BahamasThe Bahamas government SENT A MEMBER OF THE CABINET with responsibility for the Courts to Court to represent the Crown and THAT CABINET MINISTER, ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT, JOINED WITH A FOREIGN COUNTRY’S AGENCY IN AN APPLICATION AGAINST A BAHAMIAN DEVELOPMENT – and people who ought to know better do not understand what the actual sovereignty issue is in this Baha Mar matter? The Crown has many lawyers that could have appeared for it. If the government wanted the appearance of propriety, it would not have sent a Member of the Executive with responsibilities for the Courts to appear in this matter. The government, seemingly in collusion with a country’s principals whose agents are alleged to have structurally impaired the project at Baha Mar, is also appearing to facilitate that foreign country seizing Cable Beach assets – a country that has already been given the Hilton and Bay Street. And people who ought to know better don’t understand what the actual sovereignty issue is in this Baha Mar matter?

Bahamians Better Wake Up

WAKEUPBahamians are attacking one another, slandering one another, calling into radio talk shows berating one another – and why? Because of a situation in our nation and economy that involves our government partnering with another country’s interests and using that partnership to get Bahamians to start turning on one another. We as Bahamians better wake up and start realizing who and what our real threats are. Being an expatriate doesn’t automatically make you a demon – and being a Bahamian doesn’t automatically make you loyal or patriotic. Being white doesn’t automatically make you wicked, and being black doesn’t automatically make you righteous and vice versa. And being Bahamian doesn’t automatically mean you have no sense. Instead of getting riled up and caught up, we need to slow up, use our brain and WAKE UP – because the fires and damage that our politicians from all sides are stoking and creating on the altar of corruption in this country have the potential to turn into something many of us are not ready for and don’t want to see. Stop turning on and against one another for politicians fronting for offshore, across-the-globe interests whose aim is to take, take and take some more, and make, make, make some more – off the backs and land of you and me.

Baha Mar Workers Still Not Paid Yet – Do You Get It Now Bahamas?

DONTBEFOOLEDI told The Bahamas last week that the reason the government of The Bahamas did what it did by interfering in the financing issues of Baha Mar was to block the developer from being able to run the place and pay his workers. BAHA MAR ALREADY HAD THE MONIES LINED UP TO PAY ITS WORKERS ON PAYDAY THURSDAY AND HAD TO STOP PAYMENT BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WENT TO COURT TEAMED UP WITH A FOREIGN AGENCY TO BLOCK BAHA MAR FROM BEING ABLE TO USE ITS FUNDS TO PAY WORKERS AND RUN THE HOTEL. Monday up to the point of this article, workers were STILL waiting for their monies to show up on their accounts even though the government sent out press releases trying to make the country think the workers received their monies via taxpayer dollars last week. If the government had not taken its traitorous, treacherous moves in court last week, the workers would have been paid by their employer who is supposed to pay them and had the money to pay them. Instead, our government, clearly in bed with foreign interests, is making moves against us and trying to make us turn against each other so we cannot see what they are really doing to us. This is not a game, this is BAHAMIAN PEOPLE’S LIVES that these politicians are damaging. DO YOU GET IT NOW BAHAMAS?

Government Has Now Put Baha Mar Employees, Its Suppliers & Investors, The Project & Our Economy Under Grave Threat

Flag of The BahamasToday’s action by the government to hinder the developers of Baha Mar from being able to pay their staff and continue operating the property as they sort out Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings is an outrageous turn of events that smacks of corruption at the highest levels of this country. The Prime Minister initially said that his government would not take sides in this matter, a statement that in and of itself is alarming. But now it is clear that the government has sided and is siding with Chinese principals in this matter, by partnering with Chinese principals to ask our Supreme Court to delay a ruling that would enable Baha Mar to continue operations and pay staff. THE BAHAMAS GOVERNMENT HAS PARTNERED WITH A FOREIGN COUNTRY TO MAKE MOVES AGAINST BAHAMIANS. By making the move the government has made today, it has the potential of forcing Baha Mar to layoff its staff, and then the government – who would have caused the layoffs in the first place – would then come with taxpayer dollars to give the workers some money so as to make themselves look like heroes in a situation THEY CREATED. There are few if any decent words to describe what we are seeing take place in this country right now.