Stop The Charade With This Nation & Our Lives

ACCOUNTABILITY1 – The now unemployed workers of Baha Mar are eligible for temporary unemployment benefits through NIB. Has the government of The Bahamas made all NIB payments for staff during the period it disbursed salaries with the millions it already previously owed to Baha Mar but had refused to pay to Baha Mar?

2 – When Baha Mar filed for Chapter 11 Debtor in Possession Bankruptcy Protection, part of that filing involved the payment of monies to Baha Mar’s creditors. The government blocked that plan. So what is the way forward now for all those creditors?

3 – Bahamian taxpayers, including the affected workers, are paying for the government’s provisional liquidators in the Baha Mar matter – and as it turned out, Bahamians who are now out of job have been made to pay these persons to ultimately put them out of a job. How much of our tax dollars has the government spent so far on damaging our lives and our economy through their court actions? Continue reading