Gov’t Insults The Nation And Refuses To Provide Answers To Critical Questions On Oban Energies

After over a month of refusing to respond to press and public queries about the now infamous Oban project, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis spoke about Oban today in Parliament, but did not provide answers to any of the critical matters thereto. In a prepared text of insults to the intelligence of the Bahamian people, the Prime Minister did not speak comprehensively to Oban as he promised, but instead spent most of his time talking about the PLP administration – an administration that did not sign a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Oban as the FNM administration has done, and an administration which says it chose not to sign a HOA with Oban for two of the very same reasons that have made this project such a teeming controversy for the FNM administration. To force the nation to wait this long only to refuse to speak to the salient matters of this project and instead seek to use the PLP as a smokescreen, is yet another stunning show of contempt for the Bahamian people and the reputation of The Bahamas.

The Following Matters Remain: Continue reading

Hot Weather Response Must Change

hot weather construction2016 is projected to be the hottest year on planet earth. The earth is getting warmer. Weather events are becoming more extreme. The earth’s climate is continuing to undergo change that is changing the course of life as we know it. The sweltering temperatures we are suffering through are no longer simply a typical matter of “just being hot”. Temperatures and heat indexes in The Bahamas are now becoming threats to health and life. Governments of The Bahamas must now develop policies and relevant legislation to respond to the public health and safety needs that arise due to rising temperatures. Our leaders travel abroad to make grand speeches at Climate Change conferences, only to return home making no change whatsoever to address the needs that now arise as a result of what experts attribute to climate change. Continue reading

Talkin’ Fool Is A Very Sickening Ting – Junkanoo vs Carnival



Did anyone really pay attention to what the Prime Minister said recently when he announced a committee to plan for us to start having a festival that would be a knock-off copy of Carnival; the annual festival held by some of our Caribbean neighbors? Continue reading

The Speaker Changes His Tune

JokerCardToday the Speaker of the House ordered expunged from the record of Parliament, controversial comments recently made by MP Leslie Miller about a private citizen and the murder of MP Miller’s son. What is notable is that the Speaker ought to have done this from the start, but instead told the media at the time of the MP’s comments that as Speaker, he determined that MP Miller did nothing wrong and broke no rules of the House. Continue reading

The Voices Of Our Nation’s Teachers

teacher_classWhenever there are public back and forths between government and unions, often times the Bahamian people are robbed of precise information that can enable understanding of the major issues at hand. I recently communicated with an educator in our country, who shared some of the longstanding issues faced by our nation’s public school teachers: Continue reading

Nassau’s Court Reporters – The Attorney General Needs To Address The Problems

court_reporterWith the many cases that have to be heard in our country, it is critical that our judicial system is functioning as efficiently as it can. That is why Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson must speak to and address the challenges being faced by court reporters (stenographers) of the Magistrates Court on contract who have staged a sick-out due to those challenges. They say that thus far, the AG has refused to respond to their queries. Continue reading

July 1, 2014 VAT Implementation Date Should Be Pushed Back

VATINFOBahamas, recognize what is being done to you by your government through its current process of introducing and implementing Value Added Tax (VAT). The end of September has now become the third self-imposed deadline the government has failed to meet to release its VAT Bill and Regulations to the Bahamian people. Continue reading

Another Referendum – Another Rushed Agenda

ballotboxIt was hardly amusing to hear a media house recently report on Prime Minister’s Christie’s confirmation that he plans to hold a Constitutional referendum in November – less than two months from now. The news report said “but THIS time, it won’t be rushed…”. Won’t be rushed? Continue reading