Changes To Vehicle Import Laws – Decisions That Hurt The Poor & Middle Class The Most

balance#1 – As of September 1, we will be restricted from bringing in a vehicle or motorcycle that is 10 years of age or older. This means it is going to cost you more to buy a used car, since the newer the car, the more money the car may cost. A 10 YEAR OLD CAR OR OLDER CAN BE IN PERFECTLY GOOD & SAFE CONDITION. Why prohibit its importation? Fewer people are going to be able to afford a used car because of this, and this is also going to push people to end up going into debt taking out loans to dealerships, etc to buy cars they cannot afford. No distinction in the new Bill was made for antique cars either. Now, the Bill says the Minister for Customs (which is the Minister of Finance) can give permission for you to bring in a vehicle 10 years or older if he wants to. WHY GIVE THE MINISTER THE SOLE POWER TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHO GETS TO BRING IN VEHICLES 10 YEARS OR OLDER? The rule should be the same across the board for everyone, not set where some people can get a “yes” while others can get a “no” based on the Minister’s say so. Any exceptions to the 10-year rule should be spelled out in the law so that everyone is subject to the same criteria in law. These kinds of Ministerial discretion clauses are what encourage corruption, cronyism and victimization and keep people dependent on a politician for their success or failure. Continue reading