Stop This Talk About Violating Our Rights To Combat Serious Crime & Instead Stop The Corruption, Political Interference, Incompetence & Judicial Hang-ups That Facilitate The Growth Of Serious Crime

crimeOur politicians must think they are converted architects of the world-renowned Shock Doctrine. Politicians on both the Government and Opposition side – since they either do not know or do not want to discuss what is really needed to combat serious crime and criminality in this country – are now saying it may have to take the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens such as freedom of movement and assembly, etc to be violated in order to fight serious crime.

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Gun Laws – Our Elected Officials Are Not Serious

handgunThis weekend has been one of the bloodiest on record with murders and other shootings. Most of the murders, attempted murders, armed robberies and other violent crimes in this country happen using a gun. Guns are flooding our streets. Bahamians are crying out for stiffer gun laws. When the current government came to office, they abolished the mandatory minimum sentences they met in place for gun and some drug offences. By doing this, persons convicted of gun crimes may never see a prison cell as their penalty. The mandatory minimum sentence was 4 years, meaning once you got convicted of the gun offence, you would automatically have to serve at least 4 years prison time. As soon as the Minister of National Security was sworn in, he told the media he went to visit CONVICTED CRIMINALS at Fox Hill, and said the convicts complained about their jail time being too long. He said HE AGREED WITH THE CONVICTS, and that his government would “review” the penalties on the books. AND THEY SURE DID REVIEW THEM – THEY KEPT THEIR PROMISE TO CRIMINALS AND MADE LIFE EASIER FOR THEM BY LESSENING THE PENALTY FOR THEIR CRIMES. Continue reading

At Least The Gov’t Plans To Keep Its Promise To Convicted Criminals

handcuffsShortly after being elected, National Security Minister BJ Nottage visited Fox Hill Prison and said he spoke with convicted offenders who complained that their mandatory minimum sentences were too high. Minister Nottage said he agreed with the convicts, and said his government would be reviewing the sentences with the focus on lowering them. Now the AG confirms the government is doing just that. Continue reading

The Key Ignored Link – Most Serious Crime Cases Don’t End In Convictions

INVESTIGATEBefore you can be sentenced for murder, you have to be convicted first – and this is the critical issue all political leaders are ignoring. Conviction rates in this country are disgracefully low, due in large part to failures in the strength of the cases that the Police Force and Prosecution put forward from the arrest side, to the investigation and case preparation side. This is what no political leader is speaking to. Before you even get the death penalty or full-life in prison, you must be found guilty first. If cases keep being thrown out or the accused is acquitted because innocent people are being charged, or because of shoddy investigative and legal work, a death or full-life sentence would not arise anyway. No conviction, no sentence. Continue reading

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics” – Leonard H. Courtney. Lord Courtney’s quote refers to the twisting of information including statistics for one’s advantage. Over the last few months, the Bahamian people have been dealt one of the most untenable forms of dishonesty and disrespect their government could spin – the consistent insistence that the country’s very serious crime problem is not as bad as we and they know it to be. Continue reading