A Part Of The Credit Ratings Discussion That Politicians Are Missing

HOAIf our politicians on all sides understood the differences between some of the indicators Standard & Poors (S&P) and Moody’s use to make their credit rating and economic assessments, some of the comments they made on this issue this week would not have been made. And more importantly, if those differences and the ramifications thereof were understood, certain key decisions that have us at the point we are at today, would never have been made by our government in the first place. We need more depth and working knowledge among the powers that be in The Bahamas. Continue reading

Mr. Prime Minister…

FAILGetting mad at global credit ratings agencies is not going to change our downward spiral as a country. THE S&P and MOODY’S DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING CONVENTION AND HOW YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR PARTY LOOK FOR AN UPCOMING ELECTION. Instead of trying to do what your Party is proving to be incapable of (which is proper governance), you decide to throw temper tantrums at the global players who with one stroke of a pen, can decide the fate of our country and bring this house of cards we knew as a “prosperous nation” crumbling down. Let’s face it Bahamas. As a non-producing, service-based economy, we have been living “the good life” compared to many countries in the Caribbean for a long time. But that “good life” as we know it is slipping away from us more and more everyday. And the people we elected have not given us a single REAL reason to intelligently believe they are able to reverse the huge damage they have caused, as well as the damage that has been building up over the years. Continue reading