A Key Reason Many Bahamians Are What We Call “Passive”

WAKEUPPeople ask why Bahamians are so passive. There are numerous reasons – key among them is that many Bahamians today leave school not being able to read, write or calculate beyond a middle school grade level, and both reading and listening comprehension skills of many graduates are far below their grade level. Critical thinking is also not a fundamental facet of our national curriculum. If the tools of those who govern far outstretch those of the governed – what we see today and have seen for years is what one should expect to see. This must change or we cannot truly advance.

No education = no liberation.
No comprehension brings apprehension. Continue reading

Higher Education Slashed In The Budget & The Major Budget Changes With COB & The PHA That Have Been Completely Misrepresented

ACCOUNTABILITYI begin by highlighting that the government has cut $3.2 million from COB’s allocation and over $1 million from BTVI┬áin the 2014/2015 budget, bringing the total cut from higher education at COB over two budget years to over $6.7 million. At this rate, the government is moving to cripple higher education. Meantime in this year’s budget, the government put the Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) into the Ministry of Health, and put COB and BTVI into the Ministry of Education, meaning none of these areas have a separate budget of their own anymore. The problems here are these: COB is autonomous in law. If as Minister Halkitis says, the Ministry of Education is “now responsible” for COB, that can only happen by an Act of Parliament, that cannot legally happen just because a Minister gets up and says it. Continue reading