Know Your Rights Bahamas – Freedom Of Speech

FACTSBahamas, there is absolutely nothing illegal about or wrong with you voicing your dissent against the government of the day and its policies, no matter which government is in power. Dissent (which is simply stating your opposing views) is not the same as sedition or treason. Treason in Bahamian law is aiding a foreign government/grouping in their overthrow and/or takeover of The Bahamas government. Sedition is activities that incite unlawful civil unrest or violence against the government. So don’t let any government or police official try to confuse or scare you on these critical differences to make you think any opposing view you state or have about the government is treasonous and hence, illegal. You have a right to dissent – and in fact, the right to dissent should be given explicit entrenched Constitutional protection as a category of our current Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression. What you must be very watchful of though, is the government or police trying to label your dissent as sedition or treason so as to try to criminalize your free speech and hence strip you of your rights to free speech. If they do, that must be fought against by all Bahamians.  Continue reading