With Corruption & Lawbreaking, Everybody Ultimately Pays

numbersHow do you know you are in The Bahamas? When a government Minister can tell the public that even though the new Gaming Act mandates the issuance of gaming licenses to legally conduct numbers house operations in The Bahamas, the government will permit numbers houses to conduct gaming without the gaming licenses required by law. So for everyone in this country right now who has a business license and you’re behind on your fees or you want to run a business but you don’t have a licence – the government should not come around your head or try to close down your business claiming you are in breach of the law, now that a Cabinet Minister has announced that you can operate a gaming house in this country without a gaming license. What’s good for the gaming houses should be good for all businesses. If they don’t need a license though the law says they do, then it should be open season for all businesses. Continue reading