This Isn’t Immigration Reform, This Is “Fix My Image” And “Mess With Your Head” Reform. Follow The Money

STOPLAYINGGAMESI did laugh when the government said this week that THE BUDGET FOR REPATRIATING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IS ALMOST FINISHED ALREADY. Did some people think I was making up stories when I pointed out to the nation on Monday that the government CUT ITS 2014/2015 REPATRIATION BUDGET THIS YEAR BY ALMOST 60%? This year’s Repatriation Budget under the Department of Immigration (Recurrent Budget Head 30) was slashed by $700,000, taking it down to $500,000 from the $1.2 million that was budgeted last year. In the entire Immigration Department’s budget, repatriations took the single largest cut. And don’t let them tell you they cut the budget because money is tight – they INCREASED their recurrent budget allocations for OTHER THINGS this year by $49 million total. Why couldn’t some of that extra $49 million go to increasing the Repatriation and Detention Center budgets if this was TRULY a national reform plan by the government? Continue reading

This Immigration Charade Is Exactly That – A Political Charade Designed To Appease, Distract And Deceive

WAKEUP#1 – YOU WANT REAL EVIDENCE OF WHAT A CHARADE THIS IS? If the government planned to send droves of illegal migrants back home this year, WHY DID THEY CUT THE BUDGET FOR REPATRIATION THIS YEAR BY $700,000, DOWN TO $500,000 FROM THE $1.2 MILLION THAT WAS BUDGETED THE YEAR BEFORE? Think Bahamas, THINK! Repatriation costs MONEY. If this was your plan, the budget should have been INCREASED, not CUT by $700,000! That’s an over 58 PERCENT CUT in the repatriation budget this year. You supposedly planned this as a government so as to start to “fix” The Bahamas, yet you cut the budget to do so by over HALF, even though you increased recurrent expenditure in the budget for other things this year by $49 million? Continue reading

Politics, Race and Work Permits – “ACCORDING TO ME” TRIBUNE COLUMN



It is about time the government of the day is called out about the shameless and dangerous charade it is playing with the Bahamian people and economy regarding expatriates, work permits and the role of foreign labour in our country. Continue reading