No Honor, No Integrity & No Humanity – The Aftermath Of Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINIn the aftermath of Joaquin’s devastation and the failed government response prior, during and after the storm, our elected officials are not only showing their lack of honor and integrity, but also a shameless lack of conscience. People and their children were forced to escape for their lives into their CEILINGS AND CARS FOR OVER A DAY because there were no shelters open for them to go to. Have you ever looked at the ceiling of where you live? Ever been up in there? Imagine spending at-least 20 hours in there terrified because if the water rises any higher, you and your children will drown right up in that ceiling. People were not able to safely protect life and property because by the time they knew what was going on, weather conditions made such attempts at precautions unsafe. If a structure’s windows and doors are properly secured before a hurricane, it can increase the chance of preventing roofs from being blown off the structures or being otherwise compromised. But with no appreciable advanced notice, how many would have had time or immediate ON-ISLAND resources to safely carry out such measures? Satellite phones that all island officials ought to have had were inoperable or officials did not know eachother’s numbers. People were unable to communicate with persons on their island or outside their island for as much as a week during and after the storm. People were forced to swim from settlement to settlement in a desperate quest for survival. No shelters available to go to. And those are just some of the horrors. We have not heard anywhere near the half of them all. I can personally attest WITH EVIDENCE to what I speak of regarding the communications failures as well as some of the harrowing rescue attempts being carried out during the height of Category 4 conditions in the Central & Southeast Bahamas of persons trapped or hunkered in homes that were crumbling and being ripped apart around and on top of them. Continue reading