Bahamas, What Do You REALLY Want?

GROWUPBAHAMASWE SAY we want information – but when we get it, we don’t act on it and expect someone else to act on it for us.

WE SAY we want people to take a stand – but when they do, we are not prepared or willing to get up, get out and stand with them.

WE SAY we want Bahamians to strive for excellence – but when they do, we turn around and hate them for it and try to block them at every turn.

WE SAY we want good leaders – but we spend our energies propping up useless, unethical personalities while tearing down those who can truly make a lasting, positive difference.

WE SAY we want a better tomorrow – but we are destroying the souls and minds of our young people and hence destroying our tomorrow.

WE SAY we want change – but we are not prepared to work for it or personally sacrifice anything to get it, hence we want change that costs us nothing. Continue reading

You Want To Know Where We Are Headed? Look At Our Priorities

WAKEUPStart a topic about our favorite politician, the latest gossip or material things, and we can go on and on and never get tired. Start a topic about education and personal responsibility, and we consider such topics to be boring.

Call a political rally, and Bahamians by the thousands grab the color of their choice and head out to party with their Party. Call a community awareness event – who shows up? Call a parent-teacher conference at schools – how many parents attend? Continue reading