Questions For The Opposition

HOAIt is conventional Parliamentary practice for the government of the day to give the Opposition what we call “Opposition Day” in Parliament, which is a House Sitting traditionally every third Wednesday of the month that is set aside for the Opposition to put questions to the government on matters in the country. The government has now been in office for two years, and being the undemocratic grouping they are, such a Sitting has not yet been given by them. Why hasn’t the Opposition demanded that it be given its monthly/regular Sittings on behalf of the Bahamian people to call the government to account about the business of the country? If you as Opposition will not demand your House Sittings for the country’s business, who will? The relatively small size of an Opposition in Parliament doesn’t automatically diminish its potential impact. It is about leadership and working in unity to accomplish the critical agenda of checking the government. Unity, laced with diligence and skill, is the universal power booster no matter the relatively small size. Continue reading