MPs Need Schooling

senatebuilding1The Bahamas is not a teaching society – meaning, education and proficiency is not the first priority in much of what we undertake. In every sector of our society, persons are given positions without knowing and understanding the fundamentals or post-fundamentals of that position. They then get in and as time goes on, the standard of the profession or calling is diminished in the country because the sectors are filled with people who do not know what they are doing, and then those persons are left to mimic others who also never got “taught in when brought in”. Hence, the cycle continues.

Our MPs ought to be required to demonstrate levels of proficiency in critical aspects of their job for the Bahamian people. I will focus on the Senate in a different post. Being a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc does not automatically make you a proficient Parliamentarian or legislator. Continue reading

Media: Please Read The Rules & Procedures Of Parliament So That You Can Put Balance To Criticisms By Gov’t MPs On The House Speaker’s Most Recent Ruling

HOAWhen the Speaker of the House put forward his wholly bogus ruling weeks ago about the Public Accounts Committee (a ruling the government pushed for), government MPs sat there with glee even though that ruling they pushed for had ZERO BASIS in Rules or Law. They were happy because it favored their agenda to stop Urban Renewal from being investigated. Now that the Speaker has actually followed the Rules & Procedures of the House this time in permitting Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins to speak in last week’s Budget debate in Parliament, government MPs are whining and moaning to the media claiming he did not follow the Rules. Continue reading

On Behalf Of The Nation…

HOAMr. House Speaker Kendal Major​, for the benefit of the public and with due respect to your Office, I re-iterate here what I have personally communicated to you, which is my call for the Speaker and the Parliament of The Bahamas to do its job in our democracy. For the sake of the nation, do not oversee a compromise of the Parliament and what it is sworn to uphold and protect via influence that is not rooted in Parliament’s Rules & Procedures or the Constitutional edicts that give Parliament its authority as the Governor of its own Rules & Procedures, but is instead influence that is without jurisdiction in the Parliament. To the extent that any Speaker of the House does not do his or her duty sworn before God and the State, is the extent to which that Speaker becomes a grand perpetrator of and enabler in the weakening of Parliament and of the public’s loss of trust in and regard for the Parliament. This is not a personal accusation Mr. Speaker, but is moreso an exhortation as a Bahamian to you in your service as Presiding Officer of the people’s Parliament. Continue reading

The Speaker Changes His Tune

JokerCardToday the Speaker of the House ordered expunged from the record of Parliament, controversial comments recently made by MP Leslie Miller about a private citizen and the murder of MP Miller’s son. What is notable is that the Speaker ought to have done this from the start, but instead told the media at the time of the MP’s comments that as Speaker, he determined that MP Miller did nothing wrong and broke no rules of the House. Continue reading