MPs Need Schooling

senatebuilding1The Bahamas is not a teaching society – meaning, education and proficiency is not the first priority in much of what we undertake. In every sector of our society, persons are given positions without knowing and understanding the fundamentals or post-fundamentals of that position. They then get in and as time goes on, the standard of the profession or calling is diminished in the country because the sectors are filled with people who do not know what they are doing, and then those persons are left to mimic others who also never got “taught in when brought in”. Hence, the cycle continues.

Our MPs ought to be required to demonstrate levels of proficiency in critical aspects of their job for the Bahamian people. I will focus on the Senate in a different post. Being a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc does not automatically make you a proficient Parliamentarian or legislator. Continue reading

The Responsibility Of Cabinet Ministers

GROWUPBAHAMASWhat too many of us as Bahamians do not understand about the responsibility of Cabinet Ministers in our Westminster System of government is this – it does not matter whether a Minister is aware or not of breaches that happen under his or her Portfolio. Once the matter happens, the Minister is duty bound by our system of government to accept responsibility and resign. The system is clear – IGNORANCE OF A FACT IS NO DEFENSE. The same exists with misleading Parliament. It does not matter whether a Minister meant to do it, planned to do it or knew he or she was doing it – once it has been done (meaning, once a Minister communicates something to Parliament that is proven to be untrue) he or she must accept full responsibility and resign. That is how heavy the weight of Ministerial Responsibility is in our system of government. That weight is there so that Ministers are weighted to do all that is lawfully necessary to ensure that the work of the people is done – else that Minister must take the fall above all. Continue reading

I’m Watching & Paying Attention, But So Far What I See Is Very Discouraging – Change Needed ASAP

ballotboxAs a Bahamian and a voter, I pay INFORMED attention to what is happening in our country. And as a Bahamian, I’ve also been looking within myself and seeking God about additional things I need to do to contribute positively to my society; since depending on or looking to a politician for my personal progress has NEVER been what I’m about. That being said, the people we elect are critically important and every vote does matter. Honestly and regrettably though, the current political landscape has given me next to zero hope and less than zero inspiration. What I see the average Bahamian loving, accepting and praising with our politicians grieves my heart and frankly is sickening to me. I sincerely hope the landscape radically changes and positively evolves because I am worried about what will be left for any children I may bring into the world, as well as what is currently in place in this country for households such as mine – educated, law-abiding & hardworking Bahamian professionals who don’t guide our life by political colors or political personalities but rather by what’s best for the nation and society.

A Part Of The Credit Ratings Discussion That Politicians Are Missing

HOAIf our politicians on all sides understood the differences between some of the indicators Standard & Poors (S&P) and Moody’s use to make their credit rating and economic assessments, some of the comments they made on this issue this week would not have been made. And more importantly, if those differences and the ramifications thereof were understood, certain key decisions that have us at the point we are at today, would never have been made by our government in the first place. We need more depth and working knowledge among the powers that be in The Bahamas. Continue reading

Many Plots & Plans Are Going On As We Speak…

BREAKCHAINSPolitical puppet masters are, as we speak, behind the scenes working their deals, brokering their master plans, plotting to manipulate, weaken or damage those they think stand in their way, and putting others up in our faces in the “good cop” role; pretending to be the heroes for all things right and necessary – when what they really are, are decoys to fool and distract you and me as others scheme to get or keep hands on the driver’s seats of our nation. Continue reading

So Now Some Politicians Suddenly Know About Article 49 Of The Constitution? (Article On MPs With Government Contracts)

GAMECALLEDPOLITICSOkay, wonderful. Let the grand triggering of that Article begin so we can clean out a goodly number of MPs with one go. Then a General Election would have to happen even earlier than the government is currently planning. Of course though, Article 49 says that once an MP discloses his or her interests in a government contract to Parliament, Parliament can decide whether or not it is okay for that MP to be engaged in that interest. Given the way we do politics and governance in this country, which governing side is going to vote to start proceedings that could unseat one of their own MPs if he or she declares such interests anyway? #‎TheStenchOfPOLITRICKSIsReal‬

Election Call 2016 Plan – Trick #3 – Distractions & Basic Mind Games

WAKEUPNow, I can spend all day on this topic here, but nobody has time for that so I will try to make this as brief and to the point as possible. Right now, the government is engaged in the age-old tactic of shifting attention from their failings to other discussions. They are not really trying to make you think they are a good and decent organization because they know you know that isn’t true. So instead, they want to make sure you believe that everyone is exactly the same. THE BASIC MIND GAME IS THIS – they know the way the mind works. If the average Bahamian believes that there is no difference between anyone running for office, they will either decide to stick with who is already there now and vote them back in since in their mind, we can’t do any better either way – OR – they will say “to hell with it” and decide not to vote at all – which will still work in the government’s favor. It’s just like when you are in a bad relationship. If you are already beaten down and tired, all your partner has to do is convince you that you might as well stay because whoever else you end up with will treat you the same or worse. So what do you do? STAY WITH THE PERSON EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE DESTROYING YOU, because you figure it makes no sense bothering to leave them. MIND GAME 101. Continue reading

Election Call Planned In 2016, And Therefore:

WAKEUPWe are once again seeing the age-old tricks that we as Bahamians keep on falling for, and had better stop falling for if we have even the slightest true hope to have anything left to save for our children, and theirs and our quality of life.


Stop Waiting For Politicians To Get It Right Before You Get Up And Move

GROWUPBAHAMASKnow yourself, know your purpose, stand and take your rightful place. This earth was not created for only one special group of people to have dominion and freedom. Stop waiting to see what a politician will do before you do what you have got to do for yourself, your family and your country. Just because a politician refuses to get it right doesn’t mean you need to sit small and give up. Get up – and who is late let them catch up or get out of the way.

The Nation’s Thinkers – We Do Not Esteem Them, Yet Wonder Why Politics & Governance Is So Shallow & Ineffective

golden-keyIn recently watching past commentaries by one of the brilliant and progressive political and philosophical minds of this region (now deceased), I began to think about Bahamian society. Where are the thinkers in our society? And by that I mean, where and how have we placed or counted them in our society? Why is it that our society shuns, hates on and tries its hardest to destroy our thinkers? The men and women of all ages who have within them right now the ideas and initiative that can turn this country around are often not a part of the pseudo-progressive cliques of our society. The loudest voices within our systems today are often the most destructive because they are either compromised, ministers of mis-education, or both. We do not esteem critical thinking in our country. It, as a dynamic discipline, is virtually absent from our national education curriculum. We look to our politicians for direction and answers when in reality, those answers would very likely come from the thinkers of our society outside of the political inner circle who are not jockeying for or beholden to political power, and whose contributions – if active politicians have sense and vision – would be embraced instead of politicians feeling perpetually threatened by or jealous of them. And also, please understand me when I say thinkers. Thinkers, for the purpose of this discussion, are not the same as opinionators, posers, or mere legends in one’s own mind. Continue reading