A Sex Offenders Registry – A Few Reasons We’re Not Likely To See It Happen Anytime Soon

crimeIn my view, there are three key reasons among other reasons behind why a Sex Offenders Registry may not be seen anytime soon. A first reason is that the value of children in general is far too low in our society. For too many of us, children are things; not humans with a soul too precious to play with. They are assets or liabilities. They many times become weapons in the wars we start when relationships turn sour, and they certainly are always the primary victims of our messed up mindsets and poor lifestyle choices. Continue reading

No Sexual Offense Is A Laughing Matter & That Includes Statutory Rape (Sex With A Minor)

wrongWe complain all the time that the government and the police need to “do something about crime”. But when we say that, there are only certain crimes we are really focusing on. Rape, and in particular statutory rape (sex with a minor) is a SERIOUS issue and one of the most under-reported and un-prosecuted crimes in this country. Sex with a minor is not a laughing matter. Minors engaging in sexual activity is not a laughing matter. In our society, when a minor is reported as missing and then is later found in the company of an adult male, we brush it off saying “these lil gals too wild.” What we are not focusing on though, is that whether that minor child was with that adult willingly or not, MINORS CANNOT LEGALLY CONSENT TO SEX. SEX WITH A MINOR IS RAPE. Continue reading