Nation’s Youth Groups Once Again Shut Out Of Getting Any Of The Govt’s Increased Budget Spending

OURNATIONSYOUTHI wrote about this last year as well. The government plans to spend an extra $254 MILLION on Recurrent Account in 2015/2016. Last year they spent $137 MILLION extra. And how much of that extra money in grants did any of our nation’s youth-based organisation’s get? ZERO EXTRA DOLLARS BOTH THIS YEAR & LAST YEAR. With combined additional spending of ALMOST $400 MILLION in these two Budget years, you mean to tell me that these national groups that figure so positively and prominently in the development of our nation’s young people could not get ANY of that EXTRA spending? And the Self Starter Program that was established in the previous term to help young people start their own businesses, was CUT BY 83% THIS NEW BUDGET YEAR. Continue reading

The Gov’t Has No Legal Authority To Put Youngsters In Jail As “Shock Treatment” & The Gov’t Is Not The Head Of Your Household

WRONGWAYBahamas, I have cautioned again and again not to allow any government to either prick your emotions or use the distress of social ills to get you to support them doing things they have no legal right to do. Minister BJ Nottage said the government plans to detain troublesome youngsters in jail cells as “shock treatment” to teach them lessons about their behavior. The government does not have the legal authority to do such a thing. We are allowing our frustrations about wayward youth (which we as parents hold most to all the responsibility for) to cause us to throw our support behind the government taking yet another step in violating our rights. The government has no lawful authority to detain citizens in jail cells in this country just because they feel like doing so. This is another example of the government carrying out police-state actions under the guise of “fighting crime”, taking your rights from you and getting you to cheer them on while doing so. An action doesn’t automatically become legal just because it is the government that is doing it. Continue reading