Bahamians Of Long Island Shut Down In Parliament Today

HOASo today the Government, through the Speaker of the House, denied the Member of Parliament for Long Island the opportunity to make a Statement to Parliament on the status of the island post Hurricane Joaquin. All government MPs who wished to, have had their chance to speak in Parliament on this storm (though they have had yet to say anything of substance therein). WHEN AN MP IS DENIED THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK ON SUCH MATTERS, IT IS NOT SIMPLY THE MP WHO IS BEING SILENCED, IT IS EVERY SINGLE BAHAMIAN THAT MP REPRESENTS, whether you voted for that MP or not. An MP only has a voice because of the Bahamian people of their constituency. No MP can become an MP without you and me. AND THE PARLIAMENT BELONGS TO YOU AND ME. So, what happened today was that BAHAMIANS WERE TOLD NO IN THEIR OWN PARLIAMENT. Their condition was told no. Their plight was told no. Their needs were told no. Their voice was told no. Continue reading