Crooked Island’s Devastation

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINGoing on a month after Hurricane Joaquin’s devastation, at least 16 Bahamians are still living in the small clinic on Crooked Island because they are homeless with nowhere else to go. The Prime Minister, in his last address to Parliament, did not give a timeline for when the restoration of electricity there would begin, all he said was work should begin “soon”. As for all residents there who are now homeless, all he said was accommodations need to be found for them – but said nothing of what the government was doing about that obvious need. Almost 70% of the homes there are said to have been destroyed. A private citizen – and not the government – is repairing the government schools on the island, according to the Prime Minister’s Communication to Parliament. Continue reading

National Disaster – At-Least 836 Homes Destroyed By Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINThis is what the Prime Minister said in Parliament today. Eight hundred thirty-six homes is the figure the Prime Minister says has been given to him by the Department of Social Services. Bahamas – do you realize how many Bahamians in total, including children, each one of those homes potentially represent? That figure has yet to be given. And that figure can grow because assessments are still being done on Long Island.

The count given of number of homes destroyed (given in this exact order by the Prime Minister):
Acklins – 123
Crooked Island – 50
Rum Cay – 23
San Salvador – 227
Long Island – 413

Everyone who is sitting reading this with a roof over your head, stop and think about how many people no longer have what you currently have. At-least 836 homes gone.

Don’t Move Critical Focus From Our Hurricane Victims. We Need A Detailed Report On Recovery In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Joaquin

GOVTRESPONSE_HURRICANEJOAQUINTHOUSANDS of Bahamians’ lives have been damaged and forever changed by Hurricane Joaquin. In life, when stories no longer dominate the headlines, we tend to forget about the PEOPLE behind those headlines, and tend to think their struggle must not be that bad if they are no longer the most trending topic, but that’s not true. WE HAVE YET TO GET A DETAILED ASSESSMENT & RECOVERY REPORT FOR EVERY SINGLE ISLAND DEVASTATED BY JOAQUIN. HOW ARE EACH AND EVERY RESIDENT & FAMILY MAKING IT? WHAT ARE THEIR SPECIFIC NEEDS TO-DATE?