Did You Know? Bill Tabled For Interception of All Our Communications

WhatsGoingOn(Read Bill Below) The Bill was tabled Wednesday night (Feb 8) in Parliament. The Interception of Communications Bill 2017 is intended to replace the existing Listening Devices Act. The Bill allows for the interception of all communications on public and private systems. Communications in the Bill are speech, music, sounds, visual images, any form of data, any apparatus or signal used to transmit the same, and anything transmitted by postal service. Via the Bill, our communications can be obtained with a warrant granted by a Judge for the Commissioner of Police or someone he designates. The Bill also gives the Minister the power to obtain our communications without a warrant. This provision in particular is one I believe can be subject to abuse.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE BILL – (You can scroll to the bottom first if you wish to read the Bill’s Objects and Reasons. This is the section of all Bills that tells you the purpose of and reason for the Bill). Continue reading