MONEY ALERT: Did You Catch This With The $16 Million The Gov’t Claims It Needs To Borrow For The College Of The Bahamas?

OURMONEYToday (Monday), the government announced that it needs to borrow $16 million above the expenditure just approved in June for the 2014/2015 Budget, to upgrade COB. Two issues. Issue #1– if the government was interested in upgrading COB by millions, why did it cut $6.7 million in Recurrent Expenditure from COB’s annual Budget over the last two budget years? When did the government suddenly remember that COB was on a path to becoming a University, having taken close to $7 million in two years away from COB, causing student tuition and fees to increase, among other challenges? Issue #2 – In this year’s Budget under Capital Expenditure (expenses for buildings, projects, etc), $4 million in a brand new allocation is earmarked for COB reform (Head 38). Now. If $4 million in new funds is already allocated for COB reform under Capital Expenditure – why is another $16 million being borrowed for COB reform? The government is already borrowing $343 million this budget year. Why can’t the $16 million the government suddenly remembers it needs for COB be taken from that huge sum of borrowing already approved by Parliament in June? Continue reading

The Voices Of Our Nation’s Teachers

teacher_classWhenever there are public back and forths between government and unions, often times the Bahamian people are robbed of precise information that can enable understanding of the major issues at hand. I recently communicated with an educator in our country, who shared some of the longstanding issues faced by our nation’s public school teachers: Continue reading