Helping Marathon Victims – The Bigger Picture

balanceWhat has happened to Nassau victims affected by the gas spill in Marathon is more than just an environmental disaster. It is an humanitarian disaster. Justice must be sought against those at fault and those who kept this information from Nassau residents. This is a human travesty. Human lives have been impacted. What are some of the immediate ways forward? Continue reading

NO To Our Health. NO To Our Lives. NO To Our Right To Know

DISGRACEWhen government MPs voted NO today to investigating matters surrounding the gas spill contamination in Marathon, that actually was their second NO to the health and lives of Bahamians in Nassau. When Cabinet Ministers made the decision to withhold health and safety information from the public on this matter, that was their first NO. Today, they decided to echo their NO decided on behind closed doors (Cabinet), in the Parliament. NO to our health. NO to our lives. NO to our right to know.

Could they care less about whether we get sick or die so long as they can continue to get richer, bolder and colder? – NO, NO and NO.