The Town Centre Mall Contract: More Questions Than Answers

Recent comments by St. Annes MP and co-owner of Town Centre Mall Brent Symonette during an interview with talk show host Shenique Miller raise the following questions about the general post office lease agreement which ought to have been tabled in parliament last October and has yet to be made public some nine months later:

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Gov’t Insults The Nation And Refuses To Provide Answers To Critical Questions On Oban Energies

After over a month of refusing to respond to press and public queries about the now infamous Oban project, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis spoke about Oban today in Parliament, but did not provide answers to any of the critical matters thereto. In a prepared text of insults to the intelligence of the Bahamian people, the Prime Minister did not speak comprehensively to Oban as he promised, but instead spent most of his time talking about the PLP administration – an administration that did not sign a Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Oban as the FNM administration has done, and an administration which says it chose not to sign a HOA with Oban for two of the very same reasons that have made this project such a teeming controversy for the FNM administration. To force the nation to wait this long only to refuse to speak to the salient matters of this project and instead seek to use the PLP as a smokescreen, is yet another stunning show of contempt for the Bahamian people and the reputation of The Bahamas.

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