From The Puff To Purpose

The ‪#‎SupportThePuff movement has caused us to have very necessary dialogs about who we are as people of color and how we see ourselves. Some of us have been taught to discount ourselves so much that any discussion about ourselves we consider to be overblown, or doing too much. But the discussion about how we see ourselves when we look at our reflection is far deeper than just fashion or style. Many of us do not understand how the messages we have been taught either directly or indirectly about our hair, our skin color, our skin tone, our facial features, etc factor in to how we treat ourselves and how we treat one another. Poor self-esteem is among the root causes of many of the life-altering mistakes we make. Many of us are destroying ourselves trying to look “right” in the eyes of others, and so many of us are just not comfortable in our own skin. Continue reading